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Castle plans are best designed to fit and defend the site when we build a castle. Hire us, and we will visit your site, design the plan, and build the castle.

What does it cost to build a castle? Castle construction costs today are: Castles minimum $1M, $3M better; Towers minimum $300K, $450k better; Stone cottages minimum $250K

How much are castle plans? Castle plans only: stock plans average $1k, custom plans to fit your land average $5k. Tower plans $200 to $1k.

In the old days, we would draw plans with a pencil, drafting table, and drafting arm. Today, it is computers that rule the drafting industry. Below are a few of our favorite old pencil drawn castle plans and 3d sketches.

First floor four tower plan
Second floor four tower plan

A four tower two story plan with a two story center room, real drawbridge with winch room above, and swimming pool moat. Great for flat land along a river. © 2006

Castle Kalikai sketch

Kalikai castle tower plan hand drawn sketch; 1600 sq ft © 2004

Castle Michele sketch

Castle with two story main room, 2nd floor bedrooms, and a third floor master with rooftop stone patio. © 2005

Castle Michele floor one
Castle Michele floor two
Castle Michele floor three

The Compact Castle © 2001

Compact Castle floor one

Castle Joust sketch

For those who need events inside of your castle walls. © 2008

Castle Ros plan
Castle Ros plan

A wonderful castle/tudor house plan. © 2009

Castle drawbridge sketch

A cutaway drawing of a drawbridge mechanism.

L-Tower Castle sketch

A tower house castle with an extra tower added to create the L shape. © 2006

Castle plan rendering

Castle plan rendered in AutoCAD with colored lights added. A mansion type castle plan with large great room in the center. © 2004

Tower Castle sketch

A full size round tower that you can live in. © 2011

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